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This Just In!- Wooden Toy Logging Truck

This Just In! Wooden Toy Logging Truck Recently, the Edmonds Historical Museum received a wooden toy logging truck. This wooden toy led to an exploration of the history of wooden toys. Toys are items that are used in play. They can be anything...

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Durbin Drive & Edmonds’ First Department Store

Adapted from Research Corner, by Kathe Hall Published in the Museum's Quarterly Member Newsletter the Museum Light February 2003 In the beginning of 1925, George Quincy Durbin and his wife, Althea moved to Edmonds. Shortly after, their daughter Shirley, her husband...

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Wilson Declares War & Edmonds Rallies its Citizens

The citizens of Edmonds immediately organized to meet the challenges of the coming months. Those citizens who knew they would not be eligible to join one of the armed services formed a citizens group: the Home Guard Association. The petition for this group stated,...

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