This summer has brought many changes to the Edmonds Museum Summer Market.  Due to the new COVID-19 restrictions, you will find fewer vendors participating at the market, and the booths will be spaced at least 6 ft. apart.  Vendors and shoppers are now required to wear masks and we are only allowed 2 shopper “units” in the market for every vendor who participates.  The reduction in number of shoppers in the market during market hours is dictated by the Snohomish Health District and enforced by our staff and volunteers to promote proper social distancing while enjoying the market.  Taking all this into consideration, we at the market would like to thank all of you who have come down and shopped with us each week.

One question which has come up recently is “Do any of your vendors offer pre-orders?”  The answer is yes, many do.  Each of our participating vendors has had the opportunity to offer a method of pre-ordering/pre-paying that works for them.  Below is an updated list of who has a pre-order option and how to contact the vendor directly.  Many of these vendors will allow you to pick up your pre-payed order from behind their booth, so you would not have to enter the market, but it is up to the specific vendor how it would work best for them.

Vendors who have pre-order options: 


Alvarez Organic Farm – certified organic vegetables from the Alvarez Farm in Mabton.  To pre-order go to:

Caruso Farm – a small family farm located in Snohomish growing row crop veggies.  To inquire about placing a special order contact Vince at

Collins Family Orchards – 4th Generation Farm with Orchard Fruits – to pre-order go to:!

Gypsy Rows Farm – Located in Silvana, Darren and Janine grow row crop vegetables.  To inquire about a special order, you can email them at:

Hayton Berry Farm – grower of various berries from Mt. Vernon.  To preorder – go to and link to store:

Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards – Grown in Lynden, to order visit

Martin Family Orchards – Family run orchard from Orondo.  To inquire about special orders – message through their Facebook page:

Schmidt Blueberries – family run blueberry farm.  To inquire about special orders – message through their Facebook page:

Skagit Gourmet Mushrooms – For special orders email Mark at:

Sky Valley Family Farm, LLC – pork, chicken, and eggs from Startup – preorder through and follow link

Flower Growers:

Teng Garden – pre-made bouquets and some veggies grown in Snohomish

Neng Garden – pre-made bouquets, to pre order message their facebook page:

The Old Farmer – pre-made bouquets, to pre order message their facebook page:

Pa Garden – pre-made bouquets from their farm in Snohomish


Finn River Farm & Cidery – From their orchard in Chimacum.  To order email:

Lopez Island Vineyards – From their farm. To preorder shop:

Lupine Vineyards – located in Manson, Robert grows and produces his fabulous wines.  To place a special order contact him at:


Colibri Sweets (Non-dairy Ice Cream) – to guarantee your order is held for you -visit Pints only

Cyrus Saffron – local saffron growers.  For special orders, visit their website:

Shambala Bakery (gluten free) – Baked fresh for market every week.  For special orders, visit their website then give them a call at 360.588.6600 to place your order.  Please call by Wednesday.

Wilson Fish – fresh and smoked salmon, halibut and more. Caught off the WA coast – to order message them at

Homestead Honey – fresh, local honey.  For pre-ordering,  email

Deborah’s Homemade Pies – freshly made pies – visit  or email

Pete’s Perfect Toffee – Toffee & Fudge – to pre-order go to

La Pasta – handmade fresh pasta

Mayco Land Specialty Coffee – freshly roasted coffee.  For special orders email Roland at

Pop’s Kettle Corn – packaged kettle corn from our longtime friends – to pre order visit:

Patty Pan Cooperative – frozen tamales, chocolates to pre order visit:

Bubba’s Salsa – freshly made salsas and chips.  To inquire about special orders, email Bubba at:

Snohomish Bakery – freshly baked goodness – email to pre order:

See you at the market!!