As we navigate safely through these challenging times, we at the Edmonds Historical Museum have been busy coordinating with the Snohomish Health District and the City of Edmonds to bring the community our annual Garden Market. We will be opening one week late, on May 9, located on 5th Avenue between Bell and Main Street.

For shoppers, your experience will change — from when you come down to the market and throughout your visit. When you arrive, you will be directed to the market entrance, located at 5th and Bell. There, customers will be asked to line up, 6 feet apart, adhering to social distancing policies. While waiting to enter, there will be information posted on COVID-19 symptoms and how to stay safe. We are highly recommending all customers wear masks — both for their protection and the safety of our vendors and other shoppers.

Inside the market, we will be keeping a constant count of customers shopping.  By directive from the Snohomish Health District, we will only be able to allow two customers in for every vendor selling. So if we have 18 vendors set up, we will be able to allow 36 shoppers in the market at a time. Our volunteer staff will be monitoring the entrance and exit to allow shoppers to enter whenever someone exits. Because of this shopper restriction, we ask — if possible — that only one person per household enter the market to shop. We understand this may not be possible and will absolutely make allowances for single parents or if other circumstances arise.

Shoppers will be asked to shop while walking down the market aisle, keeping in mind social distancing. When you stop at a booth, note that there will be marks on the ground where to line up 6 feet apart. Only one shopper can be at the tent at a time. Please have your list ready, so you can step up, request your items, have them bagged, pay, pick up and move on. We are asking customers to plan on paying with Venmo, Apple Pay, or credit card when possible. Each vendor will have signage letting you know what currency they accept.

When you have walked through the market and made your purchases, you will exit the market, and at the other end, a new customer will enter.


Now, you may ask what are we doing behind the scenes? Before the vendors set up, each vendor will be screened for possible exposure to COVID-19. Any vendor suspected of exposure will be sent home immediately. The market will provide a hand-wash station at the entrance and exit of the market for shopper’s convenience. Market volunteer staff will be walking through the market throughout the day, regularly wiping down common contact areas with sanitizing wipes. Also, many vendors will have sanitizer available at their booth where you pay. The Garden Market will post outside and throughout the market which vendors are accepting pre-orders, with information on how to order. We hope to have a pre-order system working for the whole market by the time the Summer Market starts, so shoppers will be able to drive up and pick up without having to exit their cars and shop.

Finally, we would like to again thank the Mayor and the City for their support in helping us bring our annual Garden Market to the downtown Edmonds community. As we work together through the opening and beyond, we welcome you to come down and join us on May 9 and through the rest of the market season.  As the weather warms, we will welcome more local farmers with fresh produce, and do our best to provide a safe place for Edmonds residents to support local.