Over the past weeks we have been posting items from our collection from A to Z for the #MuseumAlphabet Challenge. This fun way to share our collection was inspired by our friends at the Log House Museum. In case you missed it over on our social media pages or just want to see everything again, we have compiled the posts here for you to browse. We hope you enjoy these items from our collection.

A is for “Abacus”!

We are counting the days until we can re-open our doors to you! In the meantime, we’ll be sharing items from our collection from A to Z for the #museumalphabet challenge. This abacus was used by students in the Edmonds District 15 schools.

B is for “Board Game”!

This is no time to be bored! Playing board games like this this Pimlico Horse Race is a great way to pass the time.

C is for “Carpet Cleaner”!

Is it time for Spring Cleaning already? A aluminum Rotobrush carpet cleaner with a motorized pump would be a great help for that!

D is for “Dresses”!

We have so many dresses here at the Museum! This assortment of some our favorites includes: a 1920s Flapper Dress, a 1940s House Dress, a 1970s Formal Dress, and a Can-Can Dancer Costume Dress! Which one is your favorite?

E is for “Easel”!

Maybe you are using all this time at home to practice a skill like painting perhaps? You could use an easel like this one which was used by Ralph Gray for his sign painting business.

F is for “Ferry”!

How could F be for anything else! The ferry is an iconic symbol of Edmonds. While we don’t have a real ferry here at the Museum we have several models. This model is of the MV Tacoma.

G is for “Golf”!

Fore! Well actually four. Can you see what there are four of in this photo? This golf ball caddy was used for carrying golf balls, tees, and a ball washing bottle.

H is for “Helmets”!

Wearing a helmet is all about safety. Here we have two mining helmets, one with a light and one without, as well as an Air Raid Warden helmet from WWII. Remember, safety first!

I is for “Ice Skates”!

We’re not letting the social ice-olation get us down! While we are moving to warmer weather, we can still dream of winter wonderlands and all of the fun winter activities! Ice skating is one of our favorite winter activities. What are some of your favorites?

J is for “Jackets”!

Specifically, jackets that were used for activities throughout the Edmonds community. We have one pair of E.H.S. cross country warm-up jackets and another of Checkerboard Squares, a square dancing club, jackets.

K is for “Key”!

The “Key to the City” to be exact. This key to the city of Edmonds was presented to Robert Anderson, founder of the Cascade Symphony.

L is for “Life Ring”!

Being a town on the Puget Sound, Edmonds has a rich marine history. Our collection contains many marine artifacts including these life rings from the S.S. Aberdeen and USC&GS Surveyor.

M is for “Mixer”!

Let’s mix it up with this 1930s Hamilton Beach hand mixer and a stand mixer all in one!

N is for “Novelty”!

So many promotional novelty items! These items come in all shapes and sizes, promoting local businesses and people. Here we have an assortment of items from out collection.

O is for “Opera Cloak”!

The opera cloak was a cloak made of luxurious fabric to be worn over an evening gown and was named after its typical destination. This opera cloak is from 1914 and is made of a gold brocade fabric with a lime green velvet.

P is for “Picnic”!

While we can’t go to the parks, we can still enjoy a picnic in the comfort of our homes or backyards. But this is not your typical picnic basket! This metal case not only contains all you need to enjoy a picnic feast, it also turns into a table. The Picni-Table was made by Gotham Industries, Inc. in the 1950s.

Q is for “Quilt”!

And not just any quilt. This quilt is the Edmonds Centennial Quilt made by many talented artists.

R is for “Rubber Shoe Cover”!

Tired of your shoes getting dirty or wet when you go outside? Fear not! These 1950s rubber shoe covers or “rubbers” will keep your high heels clean and dry. All you have to do is slip them over your shoes and viola!

S is for “Stuffed Animals”!

Cute and cuddly! We hope you have a favorite stuffed animal or two to cuddle up to during all this time at home! Here we have a teddy bear, a dog, and a bunny rabbit.

T is for “Train”!

Yes! It is still running! If you have missed visiting us and our beautiful train layout, here is a short video to keep you going until you can visit us again.

U is for “Uniforms”!

So many uniforms signifying so many different things! Here we have an Edmonds Park Band uniform from 1922, R.C. Grimstad’s Edmonds Police Chief Uniform, an Edmonds High School Baseball Team Uniform used between 1975 and 1990, and a WWII Red Cross Nurses Uniform.

V is for “Vision”!

With so many ways to view the world, we wanted to share some items that contribute to vision. These items include: Glasses, Side Shield Goggles, Aviation Goggles, Driving Goggles, and Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses.

W is for “Waffle Iron”!

Did someone say waffles? Now we’re getting hungry. This waffle iron is meant to hang above a campfire or be set on a stove. That means you could have waffles without electricity!

X is for “X-Ray”!

There are not a lot of options for X: X-Ray or Xylophone. Lucky for us, we have these x-rays in our collection. We are not sure who they are of but we do know two of them are chest x-rays and one is a hand x-ray.

Y is for “Yarn Reel”!

Wind it up! This yarn reel would have been used to wind and measure yarn made of cotton, wool, and linen into hanks.

Z is for “Zoom”!

Since we don’t have anything that starts with the letter Z in our collection, we’ve had to get a little creative with this one! All of these cameras have “Zoom” in their names! Here we have the Nikon Nice Touch Zoom, Nikon One Touch Zoom, and Fujifilm Zoom Date Cameras.

Thank you for joining us on our A to Z adventure! We had so much fun sharing our collection with you!

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