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Movie Poster From the Princess Theater

Princess Theater Movie Poster, 1940

Recently, the Edmonds Historical Museum purchased a movie poster advertising the movie “That’s Right- You’re Wrong” at Edmonds’ Princess Theater. This poster helps tell the story of the theater, the movie, and the ways in which we collect artifacts at the Museum.

The Princess Theater

Construction of the Princess Theater, 1923

Originally, Edmonds’ first dedicated movie house was located across the street from the current location of the Edmonds Theater. Opened in 1919 as the Union Theater, it was owned by Fred A. Fourtner. Over the next couple of years, it underwent several changes in name and ownership including the Edmonds Theater and the Acme Theater. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Berry purchased the theater in 1921 and renamed it The Princess Theater. In May 1923, the Berrys announced a new “modern building” would be constructed by John McGinnis on the north side of Main Street (the current location of Edmonds Theater). On November 2, 1923 a grand opening was held with festivities including speeches by local dignitaries and musical performances by the Edmonds Band.

The Movie “That’s Right- You’re Wrong”

The Princess Theater, 1938

The movie advertised on the poster is “That’s Right- You’re Wrong.” Released in 1939, it included some big name stars of the day including Kay Kyser and his band, Adolphe Menjou, Lucille Ball, Edward Everett Horton, Roscoe Karns, and Ginny Simms. In the film, Radio sensation Kay Kyser and his band are given the chance to star in a movie in Hollywood, but the screenwriters assigned to the project have difficulty creating a script that fits Kyser’s personality. The poster shows that the movie was playing at the Princess Theater on Tuesday March 19, 1940.

How the Poster was Acquired

So, the Museum bought this poster? Yes! Not all of our artifacts are donated. In fact, we actively seek artifacts from places like EBay, garage sales, and antique shops in order to preserve our history. We are able to find gems like movie posters, postcards, photographs, and much more! Being able to make purchases like this help us preserve more history that has traveled outside of the south Snohomish County area.

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