Intern Q & A!

Becky at the Lincoln Memorial

Becky comes to us from the University of Washington’s Museology Graduate Program and is working as an Administrative Intern here at the museum. We are happy to have her helping us get some great projects off the ground and can’t wait to see the finished product. If you see Becky around the museum make sure and say “Hi!”

What interests you about museums? I love museums because they preserve our cultural heritage and actively engage in teaching visitors and the public about that history in equitable, creative, and inspiring ways. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? I spend my free time going to a lot of live music shows and theater performances (most recently Welcome to Braggsville at the Bookit Theater), looking through the racks at record stores and book stores, talking ad nauseum about museums and nonprofits to anyone who will listen, cooking, and fawning over other people’s dogs.

What is your educational background?  I’m a local of the south Snohomish county region. I graduated from Henry M Jackson High School in 2007 and followed that with a Bachelors in Comparative Religion and History from Western Washington University. I spent about 5 years working in Seattle and Everett area museums before deciding to enroll at the University of Washington for a Masters in Museology and a certificate in Nonprofit Management. 

What other hobbies and interests do you have? I’m really interested in political activism and I throw my hat into the ring to advocate for public policy occasionally. I’m also a history junkie and spend a lot of time researching miscellaneous pieces of history–most of it, of course, relating to political and social movements. When my graduate student budget allows for it, I love taking trips to new cities to explore what they have to offer–I think Boston is next on the list! 

Lastly, what is something unique or interesting about yourself people might not know? In March 2017, I took a trip to Washington DC for spring break at the same time that an unexpected blizzard hit the NE. I was so determined to see the Lincoln Memorial as my first stop in the morning (I’m a bit of a Lincoln fanatic) that I trudged through 25 degree temps, 25 mph winds, roughly a mile of walking, and a bit of jet-lag to take a picture of myself with Abe. I think it was definitely worth it but my toes and fingers might have a different opinion.

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