What’s Happening at Storage?

It is hard to believe Summer is on its way out!  We have been quite busy at the museum, and thanks to Briana and Danielle, our off-site artifact storage is on its way to looking fantastic.

In the past two years we have moved our artifacts twice. As you may know, moving is not fun! No matter how carefully orchestrated the plan, objects tend to be placed in short-term, temporary areas. It takes considerable time to document and arrange these items into organized, easily accessible sections. Before the second move, Danielle was working on a detailed inventory of boxed artifacts – taking photographs and detailed descriptions, while making sure every item listed on the outer tab was accounted for with updated locations. This had not been done for over 6 years; plenty of time for things to be misplaced!

Recently, I asked Briana and Danielle to talk a little about what they are doing:

We made a plan to organize and utilize the space at storage. This included mapping out where each shelving unit would go, along with how items would be grouped.  So far, we have moved artifacts and rebuilt the shelving in the main downstairs space.  Next, we plan to organize the furniture in the other, smaller area; we have plans to include a space on the lower level for the longer signs, and a designated area for the model ships. Once this is completed, we will move to the upper level and organize the boxed items and textiles; this will also include a collections work space area for future artifacts.”  

Keep up the great work Briana and Danielle!