Collections & Research Material

The Edmonds-South Snohomish County Historical Society has more than 400 books available for public use in its research library. Topics range from the history of Edmonds to seamanship to the early days of the railroad. Books must be used during museum hours, and cannot be checked out. The public is encouraged to use the research library with an advance appointment. Please email to request an appointment.
A complete listing of our holdings is available by PDF, or at the museum. A sampling of our collection is listed below:

Local History

Centennial Structures
Mukilteo – Pictures and Memories
Mill Town (x2)
Memory Lanes of Old Everett and its East Riverside
Lynnwood The Land the People the City
With Angels to the Rear – An Informal Portrait of Early Meadowdale
Picnic Point Pathways
More Than Four Walls: Edmonds High School
Snohomish County in the War
River Reflections
Mukilteo Historical Building Survey
A History of Whidbey Island
A Pictoral History of Bainbridge island
History of Snohomish County, Washington Vol. 1 & 2 (x2)
“Our Pioneer Ancestors” Of the Stillaguamish Valley and of Snohomish County
Poulsbo – Its First Hundred Years
Centennial Churches of Washington’s “Fourth Corner”
An Illustrated Inventory of Historic Bellingham Buildings 1825~1915
Kitsap County – A History
A Hidden Past – An Exploration of Eastside History
The History of Waterman
Kitsap – A Centennial History
Little City by the Sea (x3)
Port Blakely – The Community Captain Renton Built
Indianola: A Community Memoir
Port Madison
Growing Up With Lake Forest Park – Early Decades in “North Seattle”
Everett – Past and Present
Shoreline or Steamers, Stumps and Strawberries
Shoreline Memories
Northwest Gateway(x2)
Willowmoor – The story of Marymoor Park
The “HB” Story and Seattle’s Yesterdays
Seattle and King County Timeline
School Log and Dog Tales
The Steamboat Landing on Elliot Bay
The Day Seattle Burned
Early Gig Harbor Steamboats
Passport to Ballard – The Centennial Story
The Sound and the Mountain
The Untamed Olympics
Port Townsend: Years That Are Gone
Four Wagons West – The History of Seattle
Echoes of Puget Sound (x2)
Homestead in the Foothills
The Green Years
Still to the West
The Everett Massacre
HarborView Hospital… Seattle Washington
Renton – The first 100 years
Holy Rosary – 100 years, a Community of Love
Skagit Settlers – Trials and Triumphs, 1890-1920
Pacific Coast
A Spanish Expedition to Northwest America in 1792
Columbia’s River – The Voyages of Robert Gray
March of the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen to Oregon in 1849
Time Tide and Timber
Vancouver’s Discovery of Puget Sound
The Northwest Coast
A Small World of Our Own
The Ox Team or the Old Oregon Trail
Story of the Lost Trail to Oregon
McLoughlin and Old Oregon
Life in the Oregon County Before the Emigration
Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest
Pioneer Stories
Steamer to Tacoma (x2)
The Wide Northwest
History of Oregon
The James Francis Tulloch Diary
Vancouver – A life
Tolls from Pacific Northwest Collections
Washington – Images of a state’s Heritage
It happened In Washington
Told By the Pioneers Volumes 1 – 3
Washington The Evergreen State – yesterday-Today-Tomorrow
A History of the Pacific Northwest
Chief Seattle Land (x2)
The Tragedy of Leschi
History of Central Washington
History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties (x2)
Where Mountains Meet the Sea – an Illustrated History of Puget Sound
Blazing the Way
Everett and Snohomish County
Washington’s Centennial Farms
The Indians of Puget Sound
Bishop’s Journal and letters
Voyages of the Columbia
Explorers of the Pacific
Snohomish County – An Illustrated History
Squak Slough 1870 – 1920
Inventory of The County Archives of Washington
The Lowell Story
Straw Hats, Sandals and Steel – The Chinese in Washington State
The Pig War
Washington State
History of Washington
Seattle’s Historical markers
Northwest Disaster
The West Side of the Mountains
Washington State – A literary Chronicle
Washington State Historical Society Publications
Built in Washington
A Child’s History of Washington
History of Washington – The Rise and Progress of an American State Vol. I by Juan de Fuca’s Strait
Nothing in Life is Free
Leschi of the Nisqualies
The Birth of a State – The Journal of the Washington State Constitutional Convention
History of Seattle Washington Vol. I, II, III
The Dry Years – Prohibition and Social Change in Washington
Utopias on Puget Sound 1885-1915
Washington At a Glance
Island in the Sound
Puget Sound and Western Washington – Cities, Towns, Scenery


U.S. History

Washington Present and Future
The Illuminated Declaration of Independence
The Path Between the Seas – The Creation of the Panama Canal
The Historians’ History of the United States
New Lands, New Men – America and the Second Great Age of Discovery
Prelude to the Century
The Jazz Age – the 20s
Hard Times – the 30s
Rock & Roll Generation
Following the Indian Wars
Dawn of the Century 1900 – 1910
Decade of the Triumph – the 40s
The American Dream – the 50s
Turbulent Years – the 60s
Time of Transition – the 70s
Pride and Prosperity – the 80s
The Digital Decade – the 90s
Immigrants – The New Americans
Typhoon: The Other Enemy
Destroyer Operations in World War II
The Phantom War in the Northwest

Maritime Resources

The History of American Sailing Ships
Disaster Log of Ships
The Voyage of the New Hazard to the Northwest Coast, Hawaii, and China
SOS North Pacific
The Privateers
Focs’le Days
Light Off the Starboard Bow (x2
The Unusual Side of the Sea
Peril at Sea
Men Ships and the Sea
Anchor Watch
Pacific Graveyard
Shipwrecks of the Pacific Coast
The Coral Sea
Brotherhood of the Sea – A History of the Sailor’s Union of the Pacific
Maritime Memories of Puget Sound (x2)
The Liberty Ships
Stern Wheels on the Yukon
Ships of the Inland Sea
Immortal Sails
Pictoral History of American Ships
The Seaman
This Was Seafaring (x2)
Ships – Through the Ages
Pacific Square Riggers
Warship Under Sail – The USS Decatur in the Pacific Northwest
A Careless World… A Needless Sinking
Sail – The Romance of Clipper Ships Vol. I-III
The H.W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest 1966 to 1976
The H.W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest Vol. I & II
The Maritime History of Massachusetts 1783-1860
Pacific Lumber Ships
Passenger Liners of the World Since 1893
Glory of the Seas
Ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine
Pictoral History of Ships
Ocean Liners of the 20th Century
Ship Benjamin Sweall – The Seagoing Story of an American Square Rigger in the Great Days of Sail
Towboats to the Orient
Alaska Steam
Ships that Sail No More
The American President Lines and its Forbears
The Black Ball Line
Manual of Sea-Training Bureau
Merchant Steam Vessel of the United States
The Voyage of the Beagle
Color Treasury of Model Ships
Watch Officer’s Manual
The Bluejacket’s Manual – 1940, 43, 44,
The Naval Artificer’s Handbook – 1908
The Naval Artificer’s Manual
Ship and Gun Drills – 1914
Landing Force Manual
Bairnson’s Ex-Meridian Tables
Ex-Meridian Altitude Tables
Distances Between Ports
Useful Tables For the Maritime Navigator
List of Merchant Vessels of the United States 1894, 1947, 49, 58, 63, 68, 69, 72
Record of American Bureau of Shipping 1942, 46, 74(x2)
Lloyd’s Register
Merchant Marine Officers’ Handbook
Practical Astronomy Applied to Geodesy and Navigation
Azimuths of the Sun – and Other Celestial Bodies
Practical Compass Adjustment and Compass Deviation
Altitude Azimuth and Line of Position
Elements of Navigation
Hydrographic Manual
United States Coast Pilot – The Hawaiian Islands
United States Coast Pilot – Alaska
United States Coast Pilot – Southeast Alaska: Dixon Entrance to Yakutat Bay(x4)
United States Coast Pilot – Alaska Part II: Yakutat Bay to Arctic Ocean
United States Coast Pilot – Pacific Ocean (x2)
Sailing Directions for the Pacific Islands
Sailing Directions for the West Coasts of Mexico and Central America
Van Nostrand Nautical Manuals
Steam Turbine Principles and Practice
Hydrographic Manual – Publication 20-2
Hydrographic Manual
Manual of Seamanship
Knight’s Modern Seamanship
Reed’s Seamanship
International Code of Signals
A Mariner’s Guide to the Rules of the Road
Ainsley’s New Examiner in Steamship
I.C.S. Handbook
Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling
North Pacific Ocean Directory
Dutton’s Navigation and Piloting
Maneuvering Board Manual
Pacific Coast Pilot – California, Oregon and Washington
Steamboats Today
Seamanship – A Practical Manual
Gipsy Moth Circles the World
The Cruise of the Dream Ship
Two Against Cape Horn
The Voyage of the Herman
Longboat to Hawaii
Sailing Directions for The West Indies
Northwest Passages
FOSS – Ninety Years of Towboating
Steamer’s Wake
Pacific Tugboats
Pacific Coastal Liners (x2)


The Science of Railways – The Engineer’s and Fireman’s Handbook
The Science of Railways – Air brake
The Science of Railways – Locomotive Appliances
The Science of Railways – Hops and Shoe Practice Vol. I & II
The Locomotive Up to Date
American Railroads
The Great Northern Railway – A Pictoral Study
Highball- A Pageant of Trains
American Steam Locomotives
To Seattle by Trolley (x2)
To Tacoma By Trolley
A Northwest Rail Pictorial
A Hoghead’s Random Railroad Reminiscences
American Streamliners
Railways of Canada

Logging Industry

This was Logging!
Glory Days of Logging
Lumber and Shingle Business Index – 1853 to 2008
Timber Country – Logging in the Great Northwest
This Was Sawmilling