Historic Preservation Advisory Committee

The City Council has established the HPAC to evaluate and recommend to the Edmonds City Council a plan to address the appropriate structure and measures for the preservation of historic building structures and other landmarks within the City of Edmonds.


Our Purpose:

Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (HPAC) was established by City Ordinance 3338 to:

• Inventory existing historic structures, sites, markers, and other items of historic significance.

• Review and comment on current City policy in relation to historic preservation.

• Review and comment on what policies, programs, regulations, codes, and incentives could be employed to encourage historic preservation.

• Evaluate the need for a permanent Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission.


Who we are:

The committee consists of eight members with each member chosen by the following entities: one member of the City’s Planning Board, City Council, Mayor’s staff, South Snohomish County Historical Society, the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, and three citizens, one of whom may be a commercial property owner, selected by the Mayor.


  • Emily Scott (Chair)
  • Larry Vogel (Vice Chair)
  • Chris Deiner-Karr
  • Eric Livingston
  • TimRaetzloff
  • Stephen White
  • Sandra Allbery (Historical Society)
  • David Teitzel (City Council

City Staff:

  • Rob Chave
  • Diane Cunningham



  • Quarterly Reports to City Council
  • Inventory of existing historic structures
  • Public Hearing to solicit public comment
  • Final report to City Council