Historic Preservation Advisory Committee

The City Council has established the HPAC to evaluate and recommend to the Edmonds City Council a plan to address the appropriate structure and measures for the preservation of historic building structures and other landmarks within the City of Edmonds.

Our Purpose:

Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (HPAC) was established by City Ordinance 3338 to:

  1. Inventory existing historic structures, sites, markers, and other items of historic significance.
  2. Review and comment on current City policy in relation to historic preservation.
  3. Review and comment on what policies, programs, regulations, codes, and incentives could be employed to encourage historic preservation.
  4. Evaluate the need for a permanent Edmonds Historic Preservation Commission.


Who we are:

The committee consists of eight members with each member chosen by the following entities: one member of the City's Planning Board, City Council, Mayor's staff, South Snohomish County Historical Society, the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, and three citizens, one of whom may be a commercial property owner, selected by the Mayor.

Rob Chave - City of Edmonds Staff

Larry Vogue - Chairman

Sue Bauer - Vice-Chairman

Alan McFarlane - ESSCHS

Michael Plunkett - City council member

Andy Eccleshall - Citizen

Steve Waite - Citizen

Christine Deiner-Warr - Citizen

Jenny Avttila - Citizen

Eric Norenberg - Citizen

John Dewhirst - Citizen


  • Quarterly Reports to City Council
  • Inventory of existing historic structures
  • Public Hearing to solicit public comment
  • Final report to City Council