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Edmonds Museum Names New Director

Edmonds, WA: The Edmonds Historical Museum and the Edmonds-South Snohomish County Historical Society has named Dr. Peter Bojakowski as the new Museum Director. He takes the helm starting Wednesday, October 1.

"We were fortunate to have a fantastic group of applicants," said Emily Scott, chair of the selection committee. "It was a tough choice, but Peter's combination of skills and background really stood out and made him the best fit for the job."

Dr. Peter Bojakowski, Edmonds Museum DirectorA native of Poland, Bojakowski first came to the United States as an exchange student at the University of Nevada. He loved living in the US, and stayed on to complete his Bachelor's degree. He next went to Texas A&M to pursue a doctorate in historical archeology, artifact conservation and historic preservation. While there he met his wife Katie, a doctoral candidate in Anthropology.

After earning their PhD's, he and Katie relocated to Bermuda, where he'd been offered a position with the National Museum of Bermuda. While there the couple excavated a 17th century English galleon lying under the waters at Castle Harbor, and Peter found his passion for maritime archeology.

"I love maritime archeology," he said, "which makes me particularly excited to work in a town like Edmonds that has been shaped by a rich maritime heritage dating back to well before European contact. From the Native American canoe trade, through the days of the Mosquito Fleet, to its place today as a recreational boating mecca, Edmonds has been inextricably tied to maritime activity."

Peter looks forward to working with the community and the Museum Board to develop new exhibits, create educational experiences for the community and internship programs for students.

"I'm excited to work with the community to find new ways to engage us in our shared heritage," he said. "I'm very interested in community feedback, and my door will always be open. I encourage everyone to drop in, bring your ideas, and have a personal chat with me."

Peter and Katie live in an historic home in Everett with their two children, four-year-old Zofia and three-year-old Michal.

Edmonds Historical Museum buildingThe museum building has two floors. The upper floor features an exhibit gallery which offers temporary rotating displays 3-5 times a year. The upper level also houses the gift shop, administrative offices, local history library and an extensive photography archive. The public is encouraged to use the research library with an advance appointment.

The ground floor consists of permanent displays detailing the history of Edmonds and interpreting the many changes that have taken place, from the age of exploration and discovery, through the founding and growth of the city, and up to the 1950s when the last mill closed. Highlights of the exhibit include a reconstruction of a room from the 1894 Stevens Hotel, and a working model of a shingle mill, representative of the mills that filled the waterfront at the turn of the century.